Effective Story Telling with Philip Bloom

If my film makes one more person miserable, I’ve done my job. — Woody Allen

Filmmaker Philip Bloom sat down with Harvard Business School to discuss effective story telling. He’s spent the last 27 years perfecting the art of telling stories. According to Philip, in the film industry, as in business, connecting with your audience requires more than just a beautiful product or witty script.

Philip says the key to telling a story that resonates is to create content that stimulates an emotional connection with your audience. He says the absolute fundamental core of story telling is an emotional response, whether it’s bursting into tears, empathy, laughter, or horror. It’s got to be something that’s going to grab you.

Of the lessons he’s learned over the last 27 years, Philip says the most important is to be OK with making mistakes. He says it’s the best way of learning.

When starting out, you never want to make mistakes, or admit them, or admit you’re anything but flawless. Philip says of course we aren’t flawless, and the best way to get better is to realize you’ve make some mistakes and learn from them. He notes he’s become so much better for making mistakes. He says he still makes them, but not massive ones. There are little things he looks at and says “you know what, I should do better than that, next time.” You can view his full comments here.


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